What Could The 28 Days Later Sequel Be About? Fans Have Some Ideas

Meanwhile, u/jpence1983 shot for the stars with their idea to bring science fiction elements into the “28 Days Later” universe. They suggested a new franchise entry that would focus on a struggle between space-dwelling humans who fled Earth to escape the outbreaks and left-behind survivors: “When the colonists return, they come as invaders: their resources have begun to dwindle, and their gene pool has become thin as attrition of illness and starvation takes its toll.”

Though this could be too big of a change compared to the smaller-scale scope of the first two films, it’s worth noting that returning screenwriter Alex Garland has written some great science fiction, including “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation.” On the other hand, u/BusinessPurge offered the idea that the rage virus has destroyed all but island nations.

“A new UN of island nations puts together a joint strike force/scientific team to finally formally investigate the science facilities where the Rage virus may have been created,” they suggested. “Civilization has been rebuilt enough that they have the luxury of ‘pursuing the origins.'” 

While we still don’t know what the upcoming “28 Days Later” sequel will be about, these ideas have definitely got us excited for whatever is coming down the pipeline.

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