What Happened To Yaddle After Phantom Menace? (Prepare To Cry)

Despite the emotion surrounding Yaddle’s death, some “Star Wars” fans can’t help but feel she brought her downfall on herself. One such fan is u/Kevy96 on Reddit, who made a thread about how her and Dooku’s duel and her demise were avoidable. “She legitimately made the 1 billion IQ move to start fighting Dooku and Sidious, instead of running back to her ship for a minute, and getting every single Jedi master in the galaxy for backup in like 5 minutes,” they wrote, positing that she could’ve easily gotten reinforcements, saved her life, and potentially stopped the two Sith.

In the comments, several folks agreed with u/Kevy96, writing that Yaddle made a huge mistake in handling the situation the way she did. At the same time, some felt they could understand why Yaddle didn’t make the right call. For instance, a now-deleted Redditor posited, “Perhaps her relationship with Dooku blinded her. She thought she could bring him back from the dark side and turn on Sidious.” Meanwhile, u/Backpack78 also brought up the point that like so many other Jedi, Yaddle likely underestimated Sidious and the pull of the dark side, much to her detriment.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding her death, the fact remains that Yaddle’s time in the “Star Wars” spotlight was cut short by Count Dooku, whose killing of her took him from a disillusioned Jedi to a full-on Sith.

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