What Nicola From Superbad Looks Like Today

From a distance, the only interesting thing about the film “Spring Break ’83” is that it was never released. It was reportedly made and marketed in 2007 — around the same time Aviva Baumann was in “Superbad” — yet was only screened to one small audience in 2009. Then, despite a projected 2010 release date, the film just vanished. Once you dig into the star-power backing behind the project, however, its disappearance only seems stranger.

Alongside Baumann were big contemporary names like Morgan Fairchild, Joe Pantoliano, Erik Estrada, Lee Majors, Disney Channel star Raviv Ullman, and even a young Alan Ritchson. John Goodman and Jamie Kennedy also appear to have been involved in the film, though neither have it attached to their IMDb pages. 

As of writing, “Spring Break ’83” is still awaiting a wide theatrical release, though it’s probably safe to say at this point that it will never receive one. Regardless of its assumed quality, it’s a shame that one of Baumann’s largest roles will never see the light of day — then again, maybe she prefers it that way because of its assumed quality.

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