Who Is Eve Teschmacher? Sara Sampaio’s DC Villain Is Vital To Superman’s Legacy

There have been several iterations of Eve Teschmacher in the Superman mythos, but the most recent was her appearance as a regular cast member played by Andrea Brooks in The CW series “Supergirl.” There, she was depicted as generally a morally good character, though she would go on to slip into the plans of Lex Luthor and other antagonists as the series went on.

Fans may also be familiar with Teschmacher from the long-running CW series “Smallville,” where a character named¬†Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) appeared in Season 8.¬†Thought to be an amalgamation of Miss Tessmacher and Mercy Graves, her name makes it clear that she has a connection to the legacy characters that preceded her. After Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor left the series, Tess emerged as an antagonist who, once again, eventually became an ally to Superman (Tom Welling).

The running gag for the character is people yelling her name when they want something from her, and that’s likely something we’ll see at least once in “Superman: Legacy.” Fortunately, we’re less likely to see her rescuing Lex Luthor from prison using a hot air balloon and a rope, as was the case in “Superman 2.” Either way, as the cast continues to shape up for “Superman: Legacy,” fans will no doubt be wondering how the burgeoning cast will fulfill their roles in perhaps the most pivotal film in the DCU.

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