Why We’re Worried About Marvel Studios’ Blade

At press time, “Blade” is currently on its second November release date, and (barring any other unforeseen historical events) is seemingly on track to make that target. In fairness, Disney and Marvel moving it back out of the dump months could indicate that the studio is feeling better about its chances. But even if they aren’t setting “Blade” up for failure, they’re not exactly setting it up for success either.

November is a tricky month for a Marvel Studios release. The highest grossing MCU film released during this month was “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which indisputably crushed it at the worldwide box office and is currently the seventh highest-grossing MCU film domestically. The studio’s second-highest November release was “Thor: Ragnarok,” which also did fairly well worldwide. It’s worth noting, however, that both of these films were direct sequels to previously successful MCU properties.

Other Marvel November releases: “Thor: The Dark World,” “Doctor Strange,” “Eternals,” and this year’s “The Marvels.” These films are largely not the shining jewels of Marvel’s gauntlet in terms of either box office or critical reception. By sending “Blade” out in November, the studio seems to be aiming for a decent, “Doctor Strange”-level haul at best — but given how dismal November 2023 has been for film, it’s doubtful they’ll get it.

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