Why You Rarely Hear From Cameron Diaz Anymore

Apart from hosting “Saturday Night Live” four times and popping up on the show at various other points to do cameos, Cameron Diaz completely avoided the small screen for the first 11 years of her acting career. When you strike it big by co-starring with Jim Carrey at the height of his fame in your very first acting role, it’s easy to feel like television is beneath you. But Diaz eventually ventured into the TV world in 2005 when she starred in and executive produced the MTV reality show “Trippin.'” True to her brand, the show was about addressing environmental issues, and also featured Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Diaz’s then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, and others.

After some appearances on “Sesame Street,” “Top Gear,” and the Halloween special “Scared Shrekless,” Diaz helped to bring her hit movie “Bad Teacher” to television by producing — but not starring in — its 2014 TV adaptation. With Ari Graynor playing Diaz’s role from the movie, the series co-starred Sara Gilbert, Ryan Hansen, Kristin Davis, and David Alan Grier. Reviews were mixed, while ratings were such that CBS pulled the plug after only five episodes. However, the network aired the remaining eight already-completed episodes the following summer. After that, Diaz’s producing career seemingly went into hiatus as well. 

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