Zack Snyder’s Original Batman V Superman Title Was ‘A Little More Poetic’

To be fair to the studio here, “Son of Sun and Knight of Night” is incredibly awkward and might be the goofiest title this side of “Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler” had it been approved. All the same, Zack Snyder does have a point, especially when you stop and consider how blatantly Warner Bros. was trying to chase the success of the MCU during this time period.

The sequel’s writer, screenwriter Chris Terrio, explained that he had no hand in the decision to title the film “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” In truth, the original screenplay didn’t have a title at all. “I wrote drafts of the Batman/Superman movie, which wasn’t called ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ by me,” he told Vanity Fair. “I did not name the script.”

Perhaps even more surprisingly, Terrio says Warner Bros. didn’t even tell him what it was calling the movie, and he wasn’t a fan when he learned what it was. “In fact, I found out what the movie was called along with the rest of the world on the internet,” he revealed. “I was not consulted on the title of the film, and I was as surprised as anyone. I would not have named it ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

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