Barbie’s Ryan Gosling Will Sing I’m Just Ken At The Oscars

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with “I’m Just Ken” — or it’s been a little while since you’ve seen “Barbie” — here’s a quick refresher. As the movie begins, unseen narrator Helen Mirren tells us that Barbie (Margot Robbie) “has a great day every day … but Ken only has a good day if Barbie looks at him.” The movie is stocked with plenty of Kens, but the lead one is played by Ryan Gosling, whose attempts to woo and impress Barbie are played for constant laughs. Then, the two journey to the real world — and Ken has a startling revelation.

Barbie and the audience are shocked when Barbie returns to the matriarchal Barbieland and discovers that Ken has staged a coup, installing a hastily-formed patriarchy and transforming it into his own “Kendom.” Barbie begs for her home back, but Ken stands firm before experiencing another revelation; he feels like he’s nothing compared to Barbie. This is where “I’m Just Ken” comes in, beginning with Ken crooning alone in Barbie’s former bedroom before entering a liminal space where he sings and dances with his fellow Kens … as they collectively wonder if they’ll ever be enough. It’s a clear highlight of the movie — and, not for nothing, the song is incredibly catchy. 

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