Here’s When You Can Stream Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie At Home

One of the most exciting parts of the home release of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is the fact that it will run even longer (while the theatrical release is under three hours, the concert itself, which obviously includes costume and set changes, runs for nearly three and a half hours in total). Fans are likely thrilled to hear that three major songs cut from the theatrical release — “The Archer,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Long Live” — will be included in the film. The reel she used to break the news featured her singing “Wildest Dreams,” and her version of “Long Live” plays over the concert film’s credits while showing off concert bloopers and footage of fans.

Why these songs were cut in the first place was a big topic of discussion amongst Swifties, although considering how long the concert’s run time is, it likely made sense to cut these over other numbers. The songs — which feature on “Lover,” “1989,” and “Speak Now,” respectively — are somewhat static, with Swift simply standing and singing without her typical large-scale choreography or enormous setpieces. Still, it’s thrilling to know they’ll return to join the rest of the setlist.

There are still two songs left out, though, that may leave fans puzzled — specifically, “Cardigan” from her 2020 Grammy-winning album “Folklore” and “no body, no crime” from its sister album “Evermore.” (During the Los Angeles shows, Swift replaced another “Evermore” track,” “‘Tis the damn season,” with “No body, no crime” alongside Haim, who opened those concerts.) “Cardigan,” which is part of a song trilogy on “Folklore” and is the only one not performed in the film, is a baffling omission … but Swift always knows best.

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