Why Mark Wahlberg & Martin Scorsese Fought On The Departed

While Mark Wahlberg isn’t the type of actor to fistfight on a movie set, he has no problem speaking his mind. During a conversation with The Telegraph, the “Four Brothers” star recalled getting into a dispute with Martin Scorsese over the veteran director’s filmmaking process. However, he believes the Oscar-winning helmsman was testing him.

“There was one scene at the end where I come back and shoot Matt Damon. I asked Marty, ‘Why can’t we do it right now because the set’s there.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m not creatively there yet.'” Wahlberg added that Scorsese had his assistant deal with his complaints about this scene, who reiterated the director’s words and praised the actor’s performance.

Wahlberg also claimed that Scorsese didn’t like him being amped up at 7 a.m., noting that the Hollywood icon needed quiet time before he was ready to start work. That being said, despite their differences on the set, there isn’t any bad blood between the pair. Wahlberg is grateful for the experience, as “The Departed” opened more opportunities for him as an actor, and he’s had quite an impressive career since then.

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