Emily Blunt Shut Down A Nude Scene In One Of Her Most Popular Movies

As mentioned previously, Emily Blunt has done nude scenes in the past, but don’t count on her doing more any time soon. Blunt told People in an interview originally published in 2016 that those days are behind her. “Too racy would be one thing I wouldn’t go for now,” she elaborated. “I’m not so keen on doing nudity, because I’m not 22 anymore.” Granted, Blunt was only 33 at the time of that interview, but it sounds like such scenes just aren’t appealing to her, regardless of age. She continued, “It’s not so much a moral thing as, ‘I’ve done it before and do I really want to do it again?’ Does it serve the film or is it gratuitous and seeing someone’s t*** for the sake of it?”

That reasoning could certainly relate to her shooting down a nude scene in “Sicario.” She doesn’t want to do it if it doesn’t serve a purpose for the film. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s against sensuality of any kind, as 2023’s “Pain Hustlers” sees her play an exotic dancer who shows off quite a bit of skin. Naturally, things are still left to the imagination in that film. 

Another type of role that’s out for Emily Blunt? As she also told People, “Playing violent or racist characters would be hard for me now.” So don’t go expecting Emily Blunt to play a gun-toting leader of a nudist colony any time soon. 

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